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The meeting with Bahrain investors


One of the fundamental problems of the current crisis is the impossibility of organizing trade fairs and exhibitions due to the Covid19 measures. This means that the possibility for presenting and selling goods, services, know-how and technologies is very limited for you. Companies get into unsolvable financial situations and existential problems. Therefore, we offer you to personally present your goods and services in the B2B form to highly promising territories outside the EU where the impact of the crisis is smaller.



We live in a world that constantly changes in the political, economical and industrial way. Methods and connections rise and fade as a result of globalization. Only the best ones can win in new conditions, when they understand the business opportunities providing the growth and independence of companies. These new trends are strong signals for investors to orientate their activities to perspective fast developing areas which are not burdened by the crisis. The natural and primary sources are limited and that is the reason for seeking new markets and investments in Arab areas.


                                               Trade Mission 2020

Your investments and the know-how for modern production of your commodities are greatly desired for on foreign markets. The possession of know-how for modern technologies is the best investment today. During last business meetings, Bahrain investors shown extremely great interest in meeting suppliers and providers from European Union. We would like to invite you to the next business meeting with private and governmental investors Sheik Khalif Ahmed Al Manaii from the area of GCC and Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia. The meeting is held on     . 2020 in Bahrain.


The program of the trade mission will be the presentation of your goods and services. The goal of the meeting is to find a business partner interested in  co-operation, sign concrete draft, make orders, sharp contract, dealership for the above mentioned region of GCC, acquaint oneself with opportunities for business and for starting joint venture or representation in the territory.


We would like the applicants for the participation in Trade Mission 2020n the Persian Gulf to send their applications with dispatch due to the technical arrangements   and eecially making the arrangements with the concrete business partners for you.

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