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OFFER D2,JP54,Gayoline,Mazut


1- Diesel oil D2, Platt minus $30.00 per metric ton.

2- EN590 PPM 10, 50, and 360 ( 500 euro Standard) Platt minus $25.00 per

metic ton

3- Jet Fuel JP 54 and Jet A-I  Platt minus $15.00 per barrel seasonally


4- Gasoline Octane 92, 95 Platt minus $25.00 The extra Plat minus $20.00

per metric ton

5- Mazut 100 - 99

Type I, II or III    Platt Minus $20.00 per metric ton

Types IV, V, VI or VII    Plate minus $25.00 per metric ton

  Subject: Petroleum Procedures

As requested, here are our procedures for purchasing petroleum

products from us. I strongly urge you to read it through so that you

are aware of all the procedures.

Where it says SBLC or BG, that may be modified to any acceptable

document that allows us to get paid immediately if the buyer does not

pay with the wire transfer at the proper time as spelled out in our

procedures and the contract.

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