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            EURO SIRIUS s.r.o  is a business consultancy specialising in brokering trade, especially the international trade.

           The core activity of EURO SIRIUS s.r.o is to provide specific and accurate information about who wants to buy goods manufactured by Slovak or EU companies or who is interested in their offered services.
           A furniture–making company will thus receive contact date for the foreign companies which are interested in furniture, kitchens, or settees rather than in shoes, candles, working clothes or printing services. Companies are thus not burdened by useless information, adverts and so on.
           EURO SIRIUS s.r.o commands information about the sought-after goods and services from arabien  countries. In order to successfully carry out an international trade deal, the Slovak business company must:
           -                     have a foreign partner interested in its products or services
           -                     have a well-drafted business contract
           -                     have finance
           -                     know how to communicate with a foreign partner
           -                     have the assured payment for its products or services
           With the assistance from its partners in legal, banking, translating and other fields, EURO  SIRIUS s.r.o is thriving on helping Slovak companies carry out business deals with their foreign partners.
           Law agencies provide full service in starting, transforming and winding up businesses assist in drawing up different sorts of contracts, draft quality international purchase contracts and provide legal advice in recovering the owed money even abroad.
           Partner Slovak banks offer various types of loans in support of Slovak exporters, while foreign customers are eligible for a loan, too. The banks extend loans to purchase machinery and real property, to finance operations, new projects and modernisation as well as start-up firms. They undertake banking guarantees, provide insurance on business deals with foreign business partners and verify prospective business partners.
           EURO SIRIUS s.r.o assists those interested in carrying out various investment schemes (purchase of factories, technology lines, construction and reconstruction of hotels and houses) in finding investors or co-investors. The form of investing will be agreed on between the interested party and investors – through setting up a joint venture, lending by way of a joint-stock company (investors pull out of the scheme after its completion) and lending by way of finance.
           Translating agencies provide translation of any text and internet websites and professional simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.
           EURO SIRIUS s.r.o is posting client’s offer and demand on its company website, out of which the company’s other clients may, at all times, select those of interest to them. Every company is welcome to post their demand on the EURO SIRIUS  website free of change.
           At present, EURO SIRIUS s.r.o represents some 17000 firms in different areas of business in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and provides them with information about who needs their goods or services.

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